The CULPEPER FILIPINO-AMERICAN COMMUNITY (CFAC) was first formalized and organized on Sept. 7, 2018. The founders, first president and first vice president of the Culpeper Filipino-American Community Group, Dhel Hargrove and Viah Fey Tejada, had started the small group of Culpeper friendship since 2014. It later grew into its present community through several potluck gatherings and holiday celebrations with fellow Filipino-American families.

As one of the Filipino cultures, the spirit of Christmas celebration remains the focal event of the year where families and friends have gathered for a thanksgiving celebration through a mere practice of sharing the blessings we’ve received on that year or previously received. This tradition has developed and continued throughout, until such time, there were significant numbers of Filipino-American families have emerged and joined the group.  


It was then decided to upgrade the group relationship harmoniously through the creation of the “bylaws”, Rules and Regulations, as well as the Vision-Mission-Objectives, while being noticed within the local community of the relevance of sharing, friendship, involvement with the community, and preserving the Filipino-American heritage and culture.

 CFAC has also professionalized its organization, so its members will continue to be positive in social influences to each other within the Culpeper community. 

Rules and Regulations


 (All Members)


• Member is expected to get involve on any established activities and generously share ideas for the benefits of the group. 

• Attending meeting as scheduled is highly recommended to get informed. 

• Tardiness on the prescribed meeting scheduled is discouraged. 


• Fil-Am culture and values are to be upheld and preserved according to the norms of the Filipino and American citizens abiding laws. 

• The vision, mission, and objectives are in placed for the members to serve as guidelines as well as baselines to follow. 


• Member must display transparency by being a team player, practice effective communication, responsive to the needs of the group, and considerate to other’s sensitivity while avoiding on offending other member’s feeling. 


• There will be zero tolerance on practicing discrimination based on race, religion, gender preference, age, sex, ethnic origin, and known disabilities, within or outside the group.  

• Any visible discriminatory practice/s must be dealt with immediately, sanctioned according to the law, and be dismembered as appropriate. 


• Member must maintain professionalism and show respect to other members with dignity. 

• Negative criticism/s must be minimized while providing constructive feedbacks for the good of the group. Inasmuch as everyone has its own opinion, member is encouraged to respect other’s opinion. 

• Loyalty to the group is not only a must but also your duty being a member of the group. 

• Disagreements and misunderstanding must be dealt with among yourselves immediately and have Fil-Am officer/s mediate the issue if it remains unresolved. 

• Talking back to others in a negative aspects and pointing fingers or blaming other’s faults are NOT to be the norms of the group. 

• Putting down or embarrass other members must not be displayed behavior within the group. 

• Foul languages nor cursing within the group are to be avoided. 

• Basically, let’s maintain professionalism and be ourselves while conforming social behavior and good practices in our community. 

• Be a good example to other or words to that effect.


• Attitude counts in every means. Be responsive, authentic, optimistic, and encourage one another.


  • Every member is encouraged to use the open door policy in anytime by all means as deemed necessary. 

By Laws


Under Construction